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Rar & Video ?

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Rar & Video ?

Hey every one, i dont know if how hard it is to make a portable program that would support .rar compression. But it would be really usefull, my school computers are really gay, and dont let me install anything on them. Anything that i get thats a rar file, i can never open.

Also, maby a portable player that would support codecs like xvid and divx... To play rip movies, because again, you can never install anything on public computers...'

Thx alot

John T. Haller
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7zip unpacks RARs and is portable.

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Dan2552 (not verified)
try VLC player

try VLC player

Rob Loach
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I've been using Filzip which, when set to do so, saves settings in the application directory. As for video, I'd highly recommend you try out VLC.

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kingsfield (not verified)
Portable media player

VideoLanClient (VLC) is very good, and plays an awful lot of media types from the start. An alternative is Media Player Classic, which I use to play Shockwave objects and games.

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