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Lite portable OpenOffice anyone?

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Lite portable OpenOffice anyone?

I only use openoffice write application! So all I wanna say is anybody working towards the lite version of openoffice? I mean if I use WRITE it shouldn't be more than 60-70MB (just like photoshop portable versions where 400+ files are compressed into 60MB flat!)
I am sure individual packs of openoffice would help it grow more! What do you think?

John Bentley
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Actually using only one OOO

Actually using only one OOO application only saves about 5mb.

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OOo is only one app

Unfortunately, the last version of Open Office that was separate apps in the way that you mean was StarOffice version 3, back when it was StarDivision that published it, a small German company in the late 1990s.

They merged it all into a single application with different looks for different apps in version 4, which is still before Sun got interested, bought them out, and released the source code to the open office project.

There is little or nothing that you can actually remove from the bundle just because you don't wish to edit some file types with it, so, while I wish that you could do exactly what you suggest, having perhaps a common module, and installers for the components that you want, it simply isn't possible with At all.

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You could remove some stuff ...

... for example Help files, python, additional dicts and images.
You could use the OOoP OptionPack BETA to do this.

Or use AbiwordPortable if You'll only need a Tool for writing.


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What You need is OSS!

John T. Haller
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It's mentioned right on the Portable homepage:

While you can remove stuff like help files and python, you can't remove things like Calc, Impress, Draw, Base, etc as is one program (unlike Microsoft Office which is separate programs with a chunk of shared libraries).

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OOo Lite

In the beta thread, it was mentioned that he made a lite version that was considerably liter. I'd love to see it released.

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He hasn't made it yet, he

He hasn't made it yet, he asked if we thought it was a good idea. Most people said yes it is. We should see it soon (i hope)

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Can I remove the BASE/Impress/Math icons

I do use all of but I don't want all the components to show in the PortableApps menu. Can I remove the .exe files for those components? On the rare occasions that I do want to use things like Math, Base, Draw and Impress I'll open a new document from the OOo file menu.

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As long as you only remove the launchers in the OpenOfficePortable folder.

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Great now I can get menu real estate back for use by other apps.

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