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OpenOfficePortable.exe is not showing up in PortableAppsMenu

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OpenOfficePortable.exe is not showing up in PortableAppsMenu

I want to delete every executable from H:\PortableApps\OpenOfficePortable\ except OpenOfficePortable.exe so that only OpenOfficePortable.exe shows up on the PortableAppsMenu. I think it's just a neat and tidy way to handle all the OO applications.

Problem is OpenOfficePortable.exe doesn't show up, even though the executable is in the folder (H:\PortableApps\OpenOfficePortable\)!

I do not understand why this is not working, because I successfully added an application onto the PortableAppsMenu that is not hosted on this site. That program is ipscan221.exe, located in H:\PortableApps\IPScan221\.

This is strange, can some one please help me out?

John T. Haller
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By Design

This is by design in the current menu. Same way you end up with shortcuts for Writer, Calc, etc but not for OO itself when you install the local version.

There is a workaround. Just use this alternate launcher for it.

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Sorry if I seem to be

Sorry if I seem to be reviving an old thread, but I think it would be a good idea to post the link to that hacked launcher somewhere on the OOoP support page or in the FAQ in this forum.

Also, I'd just like to confirm that the hacked launcher is version-independent before I go replacing the original in my OOoP 2.4 installation.

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