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@beta testing team

Hey all, this is sort of a follow up on the post John put up.
He mentioned that there were not many people that were testing the apps
There are a bunch of people who signed up for the team but not many(including me) have been fully testing apps.

For each new app, if we could have someone sign up to be lead tester. That person should have at least one hour to spend to test the app. No saying you would need an hour, but that way when the lead tester would reply s/he could get everything.

The lead tester could then post back with the results of the test.

So for each app we could always have someone who could test the apps completly.

Any replies/comments would be great

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Good idea!

That's a nice idea. But also, there are things nside the app that usually need to be fixed that the average user will not notice. I actually found part of the script I needed to do a double check after testing is done. It will check for any traces of the base application you based the launcher off of. Get is latr, classd startying. Got 2 g now!!!!!!!

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Think about some thing like the following for your Beata Teams.

Set up permenant teams of people for a specific application like "APP X". Allow even the Novice's like my self to pick some specific APP. Doing this would perhaps allow a group of people to take owner ship of doing this for a specific app.

I am not saying that any one could not say "hey I will try it", and do so. The above idea may help with some APPS not getting tested or at least you would know which ones may have future problems.

Set up a way or what you would like the Testers to do. Some like my self may get concerned about doing a good job if all we know how to do it use a few features. This is still needed but may not be all that Beta Testing should have. If as an example I just casually use "APP X". I may say it works fine. Some other person may say I will look at the codeing if I a non programer can use that term as mentioned in the above post. This person may be able to pick out a problem the developer may have missed but is not really interested in useing the App. This all so may be needed or desireable. The Apps here are top notch and should be kept up that way. A delay in releasing some thing is not a slap in any ones face. While releasing some thing poorly done may hurt some one or this Site badly.


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here is an idea

Have the whole Beta team test 1 app at a time using the development page to go in order. This way they know what they have tested. I wouldnt do the whole 1 category thing because after a while that could become frustrating.

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good idea

but the dev test page can be rearranged...:(

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I would say that there would be multiple teams, and each team specializes in one type of app or detail of the spec.

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That was the Plan

My people signed up for a specific role. Having teams for each role isn't possible because there wouldn't be another people. However, I signed up for PAF conformedness and I've tried to test all apps for that.

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