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Gaim 2.0 Beta 1?

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Anonymous (not verified)
Gaim 2.0 Beta 1?

The Win32 version was just released. Can I have it portable now? Pweeeaaase?

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Its got too many bugs

I was going to ask the same question but i read alot of complaints about Gaim 2.0 Beta 1 here:

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I'm using it right now

All you need to do is copy the local program folder to the portablegaim directory. It doesn't have perfect compression, and there's an error message at startup, but it doesn't really affect the program and it works well enough, at least til John gets the real thing up.

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If you copy over the 2.0

If you copy over the 2.0 directory and the GTK directory (c:\program files\common\gtk\) into the right spots on your portable device you shouldn't have any issues, including error messages (That I can find).

Give it a try.

njsg (not verified)
(Nonfatal) error

I did what you have suggested, but it showed me an error message...

When I execute it, windows shows an error message saying that the program has a problem and that it needs to be shut down. If I simply ignore that message, GAIM works normally.

Please make a "portable" version of it.

When I arrive home I'll compress all exe's and dll's to save some space...

njsg (not verified)
Windows 2000

It is possible to ignore the error message in XP, but 2000 closes GAIM when the error appears.

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