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remove Backup application (PortableAppsBackup)

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remove Backup application (PortableAppsBackup)

Hi, I love portable apps, the only thing that annoys me: I am doing my backups with Toucan, so I don't want the PortableAppsBackup application. I can delete the folder, but is there way to also remove the "Backup" item from the menu?
Thanks for the great work!

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I better idea

What might be better is to have a way to link the Backup button in PAM to Toucan so that you don't have to hunt for Toucan in your Programs list. I know that this would have to be something for the next menu version or later, but it would be nice if you use an application (such as Toucan) for a specific function that is part of PAM to be able to link that function to a specific program. This may also be good for other people who never use the "functions" on the side of the PAM menu to be able to use them as shortcuts to their most commonly used applications.

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quite the contrary!

Maybe even better: why does PortableAppsBackup have to be in the system menu in the first place? Why not treat it like any other application and put it in the applications list? However, this would imply moving the Backup/Restore choice as well, probably to an additional dialog in PortableAppsBackup.

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its part of the platform and not just an App like all the others.

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is it for the real estate ...

space? If someone wants to put their backup program there? I think I like it where it is, just because it is an intergral part of any platform, imo.

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Steve Lamerton
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looks like there is demand, so after the release of 2.0 I shall put out a sneaky trick to do this Smile

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Why not have the menu item

Why not have the menu item removed if the PortableAppsBackup folder doesn't exist ?

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Good plan

I was browsing this forum, looking for a way to put Toucan on the menu, so this sounds like a good plan to me.

Just wanted to show my support


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