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Navigating with keyboard only

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Navigating with keyboard only


first, i have to say, poratableapps is great .. voted already.

i like the ability to show PAM with ctrl+P, but ...
i can --not-- select an application with keyboard (i.e. arrow keys).
would be nice to add this in the near feature version.

thanks -- arun

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Win+P, sorry had to fix this

Win+P, sorry had to fix this Wink

I agree that keyboard browsing would be a good feature.

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Its there Page Up, Page down,

Its there

Page Up, Page down, I believe

And I think you can use your arrow keys as well.

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Page Up and Page Down, and the arrows only scroll the list of programmes, but without any one of them selected (i.e.: Space, or enter, will not fire up any of the entries).

May I add a quick search feature to this request?
It would work as follows:
Imagine for the sake of example that I had only four Portable Apps called:

Fantastic App
File Processor Portable
Wonderful App

I hit Windows + P and the menu comes up. One of the Apps is selected (blue background?) (Most recently used? Most frequently used? First one? Top one on screen?) Now I hit W. Wonderful App is selected. I hit Space, or Enter. Wonderful App starts.
I hit Windows + P once again. I hit F. Fantastic App is selected. I hit I (without delay) Firefox is selected. I wait two seconds. I hit L. Nothing happens, Firefox is still selected (because no app starts with L). I hit F. Fantastic App is selected. I hit I (no delay), Firefox is selected. I hit L, File Processor Portable is selected.

Well... I think everyone should get the idea with that. Else, try it out in Windows Explorer. Smile

My two cents.

Josh English
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not working for me

the only key that works is 's', which pops up a menu with some search options.

The underlined characters in the right hand side work as advertised, but I can't select programs.

Maybe offering hotkeys to launch apps would work.
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Navigating with keyboard only (2)


Yeh, thank m-p-3; I wanted to say Win+P not Ctrl+P.

Support wences's idea on quick search, but I think it would be better not to limit the search only for applications. It should also allow seaching documents/files under portableapps tree.

In short, please put Tiger's or Vista's search feature in, but limit the search range only for portableapps applications/documents scope.

Thanks -- Arun

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