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PortableApps/ObjectDock Update

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PortableApps/ObjectDock Update

I have run into the problem of trying to run both PortableApps and ObjectDock at the same time. Looking through prior posts, I understand that it is an issue with ObjectDock's setup. However, I notice that all the posts are well over a year old. Is there an update to this issue? I am running the most recent versions of PortableApps and ObjectDock. Any help/updates would be awesome. Thanks a bunch.

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ObjectDock Bug

It's an ObjectDock bug that they acknowledged and were supposed to fix months ago. Basically, it stays stuck with an invisible window on top which prevents access to the lower portion of the Menu even though it is set to be on top of all other windows. I don't have access to ObjectDock so I can't tell you if they have fixed this issue or not.

A possible workaround could be to activate the window via WINDOWS-P, the universal hotkey for it, instead of the system tray. Or to move the menu up to the middle or top of the right-hand side of the screen (you can click and drag it from the logo and it'll remember where it was on next launch).

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