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How to remove apps from the Portable Apps Menu

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How to remove apps from the Portable Apps Menu

For some reason a couple of non-Portable Apps applications have appeared on the Portable Apps menu. These include Firefox (not firefox portable) and an installer for an audio plugin totally unrelated to Portable Apps. How does one remove these from the Menu?


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Add me to the list of how to

Add me to the list of how to remove things from the list of apps. I added defraggler to list but it shows two other items from this app which are not needed on the list. How does one remove individual items.

Thank you.

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Move the .exe files to folder

Move the .exe files to folder other than a subfolder of the PortableApps folder. eg:

  • Drive (eg 'E:\')

    • PortableApps
      • FirefoxPortable
      • etc.
    • Documents
      • Music
      • Video
      • Pictures
    • OtherApps
      • Put your applications you don't want in the menu here
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The menu

will pick up every exe that is in a subfolder of

  • Drive
    • PortableApps

except for uninstaller.exe. So if you want to remove the exe from the menu you have to delete/move it somplace else.

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While we are waiting (with

While we are waiting (with baited breath!) for the next official version of the menu, several people have put out variants in the Forums here that have added capabilities like hiding .exe files, renaming the menu items, grouping apps under collapsable headings, adding non .exe files (like .com and .bat), as well as adding executables in other places (like in a Bin directory). I'm currently using one called the R31 Mod on my main external drive (not solid state). The caveat is that the variant menus are not supported by the Portable apps team, just the developers of the individual versions.

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Can you post the link to those variants?

While the simplicity of PortableApps is very elegant, moving my non-compliant applications (with more than 1 .exe file in the main folder) outside of the Portable Apps folder would force me to install a second launcher - not an option.

If I have to maintain a second launcher it is just better remove the PortableApps and use the other launcher. Don't you think?

Even if adding an option to remove entries from the Menu is unacceptable to the PortableApps design principle, it would be good to just mark the undesired .exe files as hidden, so that the Refresh would know to ignore them.

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