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CustomizeGoogle Addon

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CustomizeGoogle Addon

The Customize Google addon has stopped working correctly in Firefox Portable 3.*. It works fine in the normal vesion of Firefox, but in the portable version it does not remove ads from the search results page. Ugh. I have verified on several different machines that with a fresh install with default settings across the board and only the Customize Google addon installed the problem only occurs in FF Portable. Is there something different between the two versions that would cause this? Is anyone else having this problem?

Tim Clark
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Did it work with FFP 2.0.0.x

Did it work with FFP 2.0.0.x ?

If not it may not be portable.
Not all addons are portable.


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I use the CustomizeGoogle addon and I'm still don't see any ads. I even use it at the same time as BetterGmail and BetterGcal and experience no conflict at all. Sience they all are based on scrips, I believe they are pretty stable.

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