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Two Questions about Pidgin Portable

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Two Questions about Pidgin Portable

1. I am using Pidgin Portable v.2.4.2, every time I open Pidgin it tells me that there is an update v.2.4.3. I then followed the link to where I can install the update it appears that it is not a portable version and it wants to install everything on my c: drive. Would this be the update that I want or no?

2. Disregard Number 2. Thanks.

Patrick Patience
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Yes and Okay

1. No, you don't want the update from John released Pidgin Portable (2.4.3) less than 24 hours after the official release from Pidgin. As with Firefox Portable, you always want to head to when an app says there is an update. We tend to have them out fairly quick thanks to John.

You can download Pidgin Portable 2.4.3 from here and install right over your previous install.

2. Will do!

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