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Alternate EXE call???

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Alternate EXE call???

I was nosing around my USB drive when I noticed that the Firefox portable INI file made this statement:

"The FirefoxExecutable entry allows you to set the Firefox Portable Launcher to use an alternate EXE call to launch firefox. This is helpful if you are using a machine that is set to deny firefox.exe from running. You'll need to rename the firefox.exe file and then enter the name you gave it on the firefoxexecutable= line of the INI."

I am currently stuck using computers in the public library, which will not permit the running of EXE files. So my question is: how do I set up an alternate EXE call? In what way do I need to change the program name? I did a search both on this site and via Google but no dice. All help is appreciated. Thanks people. Smile

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If it doesn't let you run any

If it doesn't let you run any .exes then you can do nothing about it.
This was meant to bypass policy that prevents you from running firefox.exe.

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it only allows you to rename the exe, not to change it to something else.

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