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Monsieur T
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To me, standalone has always meant a single executable file, without being dependant on DLL's. Is there a way of integrating such files like DLL's into the executable? I think this would solve many of the problems on library and school computers that so far are unable to block standalone .exe's from running inside .zip files. If further development is made on standalone apps, it would be helpful if the type of app is labelled on the site, i.e. "Standalone single executable", or otherwise.

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Well, DLLs are libraries, so

Well, DLLs are libraries, so one could simply copy the used code from the library into the source file for the application. I'm not 100% sure that this can be done easily. If you don't have source code for the lib, it is impossible.


Bruce Pascoe
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It's not always that simple, even when you have the source. Lots of DLLs include Win32 resources as well as code, and if you merge those resources into the main executable, you run the risk of creating duplicate resource IDs, which will prevent successful compilation. Once you're past that hurdle, you then have to modify any code which refers to the DLL while loading a DLL resource, so that it gives the main executable's instance handle instead.

More trouble than it's worth, in my opinion.

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Memory Usage

Also remember that if you compile the libraries into the main exe, you will take a huge performance hit in memory - that's one of the reasons to use DLL files in the first place - it gets stuff out of the EXE.

Bruce Pascoe
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That depends. If an executable is linked to the DLL's import library (that is, the .lib file; most applications are linked this way), then the DLL is loaded right into the executable's address space at startup. The only way an application using DLLs will save any memory is if the program loads said DLLs on demand using LoadLibrary and GetProcAddress--so-called lazy initialization. Otherwise, you gain nothing.

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I seen portable photoshop cs

I seen portable photoshop cs dreamweaver 8 and flash 8 pro in a single exe file. The guy that made them said he used AutoPlay Media Studio to pack the files in single executable.

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