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Downloading Video

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Downloading Video

I have tried to download video from a site, but it downloads as a "cgi". What am I doing wrong? And how can I fix it?

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If I am not misaken, this is

If I am not misaken, this is a support forum for PFF and not how do I do a simple download of a protected file.

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You might try VideoDownloader

You could try the VideoDownloader extension for Firefox...that might help, though I haven't seen "cgi" before.

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Okay, this is assuming the web site, in question, is NOT setup poorly, e.g. it's reporting the MIME types correctly, and so forth... you didn't provide a link!

The 'download feature' in Firefox is notoriously flakey! This is NOT a bug in Portable Firefox! I won't bore you with the history of this 'problem', since this isn't a Mozilla forum, except to say, I think it cropped up around version 1.0.3.

So what do 'we' do about this? Smile

If we were talking downloading files with regular ol' Firefox... FlashGot/Free Download Manager (FDM) is a wicked combination, but who needs all that on a thumb drive?

Personally, with Portable Firefox, I use the 'DTA' (DownThemAll) extension. It's no match for FlashGot/FDM, but we're talking portability here... so you might want to give it a whirl. It works GREAT with PFF!

Here's the link:

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I'd say the MIME types are screwed.
CGI is a server file like Perl or Python.
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