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Portable Eclipse

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Portable Eclipse

There appears to be no way to do a new post in the request for a Portable Eclipse. If anyone wants to add a portable Eclipse that's integrated with PortableApps:

1) Download EasyEclipse (
2) Save the favicon locally
3) Install EasyEclipse in your portable apps folder as 'eclipse'
4) Inside that folder create an App folder
5) Inside the App folder create an AppInfo folder
6) Copy the favicon (step 2) as 'appicon.ico' in the AppInfo folder
7) Copy the appinfo.ini from the App/Appinfo/ folder of another portable app into the AppInfo folder you just created
8) Edit the appinfo.ini file to match eclipse
9) Enjoy

If you run into problems, try duplicating all folders from another portable app and flush the files within each and then repeat steps 6 and 8.