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Why U3 or PortableApps?

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Why U3 or PortableApps?

Looking at U3 is interesting, portabile etc, but what difference between U3 and Portableapps. What about security and virus probs, etc

I see U3 invisible? How compares to PA

Why one better than other. Not sure how to ask, OK?


Bruce Pascoe
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The only difference...

The only difference is that U3 is hardware-based (that is, the USB drive is designed for it), so you get a menu right when you insert the USB drive. The "regular" portable apps are just stock builds of the applications with a launcher that makes them portable. Same thing with U3 really, except the U3 versions are specially designed to integrate with the U3 launcher.

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Gracias, amigo

Gracias, amigo

BrendanBoulter (not verified)
Another difference

According to the U3 website, U3 only works on Windows 2000 and Windows XP (or is that just the autorun feature?). So, the U3 Firefox application will only run on these platforms.

John Haller's (excellent) PortableFirefox will run on other platforms, including Windows 98 and Windows ME.

Please let me know if I have this correct!


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its only talking about the

its only talking about the autostart function I believe. There are drivers for some of them for older os's.

Personally I use my u3 drive really for the autostart function. I finally found a copy of pstart that was compiled correctly for use in U3 and then use the apps from here on it.

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U3 just uses a hack to trick

U3 just uses a hack to trick Windows into thinking it's a non-removable media (i.e., a CD) so that autorun will work. Aside from that, and the fact that said hack won't work in pre-2K systems, it's just an ordinary USB dongle with a pretty menu.

If you want a specific portable app that U3 supports and PortableApps doesn't, post a thread and we'll see what we can do about it.

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U3 just uses a hack to trick?

hi mark does it do the do the hack every time you put it in or just do it once an do yo known what it does thank beau

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Every time

It does it everytime.
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