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Password problems

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William Arekens
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Password problems

When trying to activate Get Mail, the program asks to type in a password. Which password have I to use? How to create a password? Password manager only helps to create a master password. Thanks for advice.

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Your mail account password... ¬¬

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It is most likely asking for

It is most likely asking for the password for your mail account. Presumably you already have a mail account, and presumably it is already protected with a password, and if you remember, Thunderbird doesn't give you a place to put your password when you enter the account information. It waits until you try to connect.

The only thing that might be complicated about that is sometimes your SMTP (outbound) connection has a different account. If Thunderbird is connecting for outbound mail, it will want that password (though most of the time it is the same, if needed at all).

Otherwise ... you have an email account ... it has a password ... Thunderbird can't get in until you tell Thunderbird the password for your mail account.


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