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Hardware too SLOW to run PortableApps

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Hardware too SLOW to run PortableApps

I have been running many of the PortableApps on my USB thumbdrives for a few years now. I started with a USB 2.0 1GB unit... then went to a 2GB, and when I outgrew that one I went to a 4. Recently I thought I'd hit GOLD with a 16GB USB 2.0 thumb drive until I loaded all my Portable APPS and discovered how POOR it's performance was. It was so bad it took 3 minutes just to load PortableFirefox... browsing & opening tabs did more than try my patience. I ended up writing to the MFR (not an off-brand unit) and I have gone back to my almost-full 4GB Cruzer. So, I was curious to know if anyone has had extremely poor experiences with SPECIFIC hardware, hardware that does not live up to its own MFR's specifications. If this could become a regular topic, then users could steer each other clear of hardware that might not perform as expected with the Portable Apps. As a public service announcement, I'll admit that MY mistake was in purchasing a "A-Data PD-9 16GB USB 2.0" thumb drive, and in expecting that it would perform as well as my other USB thumbdrives with respect to read/write speed and running Portable Apps. Thank you.

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I'm kind of in the same

I'm kind of in the same boat. I have a sandisk titanium 2gb that I love. From the reviews I've seen online, it is one of the slower performers out there but ran my portable apps fine. eventually, I ran out of room and picked up a 4 gb (Geek Squad)model at best buy. I liked the cap-less design of it. Well... this 4 gig drive is way too slow and now i'm looking around for something faster. If you want to get a fast 8 gig that won't break the bank, the OCZ ATV looks like a good choice (if you can get past the All-Terrain look of it). The 8GB reads around 30-35megs/sec and writes around 15. I've seen them for about $60-70 online. They also have a 4 gig "turbo" model but that is even more expensive than the 8gb; it has the same read rate but a much higher write rate (28-30). All the reviews say that the manufacturers numbers are accurate. I figure that the regular 8gb model still runs faster than my sandisk but I'm torn. Faster write speed or double the storage?

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Looking into the same, check

Looking into the same, check out this thread:

José Pedro Arvela
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Memory Core

Memory Core 1Gb

Yes, the same 3 or MORE minutes for loading PFF.

A schoolmate has a 2Gb version, when I tried it it was somewhat a little faster, but not much.

Thats why I have a new Kingston Biggrin

Blue is everything.

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