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FF dropped my bookmarks and other settings

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FF dropped my bookmarks and other settings

Just now, I opened firefox on a computer that I've been using my flash drive on for the past week and a half, and it dropped all my settings. All my bookmarks are gone, my homepage was changed, and some of the bookmarks I can't get back without hours of digging. Can anyone explain why this would happened? Has this happened to other people using FF portable? If it's a problem, I'm going to have to switch to something else. Thanks.

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As always, you should search first when asking a question. This can happen with Firefox when your prefs.js file is corrupted. This usually happens if you pull the drive without safely ejecting or if your drive or USB port is flaky. Look in FirefoxPortable\Data\profile and you'll see your bookmarks, etc. Usually, deleting the prefs.js will fix it (but lose your settings).

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