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ERROR: firefox.exe could not be found.

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ERROR: firefox.exe could not be found.

I use firefox all the time at home. I use IE6 at work. I just discovered Firefox Portable. I am trying to install/run this on usb 512 flash drive while at work.

I downloaded the latest version of FirefoxPortable and install it to my flash drive. I locate FirefoxPortable.exe and the following messages pops up:

Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition |

Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition cannot be started. You may wish to re-install to fix this issue. (ERROR: firefox.exe could not be found)

I have reinstalled it few times with no luck. Any suggestions?

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But you have

the firefox.exe under App/firefox?#And you are not using any ini files to change paths?
Or maybe the download got corrupted so redownloading could help.

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