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Thunderbird Portable stopped working

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Thunderbird Portable stopped working


I have been using the portable version of Thunderbird on my USB memory stick for over a year now. I typically open my e-mail from one of three computers, all of which have an active virus scan programme. As of a week ago, I cannot open Thunderbird on any computer, and can therefore no longer access my stored e-mails (I can still access my new e-mails directly from my e-mail provider’s website). Do you have any suggestions of things I can do to remedy this problem?

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your exe file was attacked by a virus and your anti-virus deleted it... I'm just guessing but it happened to me once with one of those new viruses that use PDrives to spread...

Check if you still have files on ?:/portableapps/thunderbirdportable/data if you still have files there, your data is recoverable, just install Portable Thunderbird again...

Don't you have a back up copy of your PDrive?

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Do you get any error message[s]?

What happens, if anything, when you launch the app?


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If there is corruption or a piece got deleted due to a malfunctioning antivirus product on another computer, reinstalling it will usually fix this issue. Don't worry as the reinstallation process won't affect any of your data that's still there (all the apps are designed to work that way). Just download a fresh copy and install it to the exact same location on the same drive.

If it happens again, you may wish to further investigate if there is something wrong with the drive itself or one of the computers you use. Oh, and as a reminder, be sure to always safely eject your drive.

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stopped working after power faillure.


I have my thunderbird in a portable hdd drive. yesterday we had a power faillure.
now thunderbird opens till i get to see the layout but then closes with an error message saying

Mozilla thunderbird has encountered a problem and needs to close. we are sorry for the inconvenience. blah blah.

the error signature says AppName thunderbird.exe
AppVer: 1.8.20071.3104
ModName msvcrt.dll
ModVer 7.0.3790.3959
Offset 00038790

i have further data to those who want it in txt format.

now that i reinstall the app onto itself the problem does not go away.
i have instaled a copy on another directory that one works fine.
when i copy the data files (3 months of mail) the problem comes back.
so... what is there to do now to get the thunderbird working like before the powercut? any utility available to fix the data files?

thank you for your help.

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