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Portable Apps Menu

How do I remove menu items from the Portable Apps menu without removing the program. I recently added Spybot and the menu system lists spybot six times. It obviously is picking up any .exe apps. I just want a menu link to the main app.


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remove the App's folder with PAM closed.

BTW, SpyBot is not in the format we use here, you need a launcher (AFAIK nobody have one yet) or use a PAM MOD, search the forum for MODs.

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If the Application you want to use requires the exe you dont want to show up in the menu, your out of luck.
If the exe you dont want to show up isnt needed you can simply delete it Smile
If the exe is needed and you dont want to have it in the MEnu the only workaround currently available (to my knowledge) is to create a Launcher for it (which is simple if you know AutoIT or NSIS).

@Aciago He doesnt want to remove the whole programm...!

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