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Two executables in one app

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Two executables in one app

Hi! We have our own application that we would like to make portable and compatible with Portable Application Suite. Currently we already made our app portable, but encountered one problem when tried to insert our app in the Suite. Our app has 2 executables - one standard 32 bit executable (the main one) and the second - 64 bit hook support application for Windows x64 in the same directory. But Portable Application Suite shows both of them in its main menu. How can we hide the second support application from being show in the menu?
Currently we cannot move the support app in other folder since it won't be compatible with the normal installable application.

Also, the other our app that we would like to make portable has 2 additional command line utilities that should not be shown in the main menu (since they must be run from a command like with specific params).

And the last question - when I try an portable app downloaded from this site, it first asks me where to extract files using the standard GUI 7zip SFX dialog. But text in this dialog is changed to reflect the app name, etc. I found that I can achieve this by editing the dialog resources of 7z.sfx file. Is this the good way or am I doing something wrong?

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@ your first question..

Hi and welcome, here are some possibilities
- wait for the next official release of PAM 1.1, or
- use a mod like r31 , or
- use a starter with .ini in a mainfolder and put Your appfolder into it.

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Okie dokie.

With regards to the first and second paragraphs, this feature is coming in future versions, not yet though.
With regards to the last question, that is fine, but it is better to use the Installer (grab the source from the latest updated app).

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Thank you very much. For now

Thank you very much.

For now I decided to use a starter app which just starts the main application that is located one level deeper.

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