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Removing Application Icons from the Menu

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Removing Application Icons from the Menu

I successfully installed Python on my usb flash drive, but there's a little problem that's bothering me. In my menu there're other application icons that I don't want them there. The are on the Python25 folder, which is the application folder, so it seems that Portable Apps take every .exe file that is on that folder and put it on the menu. How can I remove those extra applications from the menu? Thanks in advance.

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If the exe isnt needed by any other program, you can delete it and it will disappear.

If it is needed, there is nothing you can do right now. Just wait for a new release of the menu (should be next week) and hope that you can remove it then.

There are some unofficial alternatives floating the forums. Search for PAM Mod.

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make a launcher for the exe that you want... Wink

You should search for that one too... Smile

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see here

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