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UTF-8 support

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UTF-8 support

I am working on a Romanian (Română) localization. Does PortableApps not support UTF-8 encoded files? I created a file and named it "Română.locale" and encoded it in UTF-8. PortableApps (and Notepad++ I might add) does not seem to read it correctly. It lists the language as "Româna" and selecting it doesn't change the strings. Renaming the file (and keeping the UTF-8 encoding) does not change the strings either. Encoding the file in ANSI, PortableApps changes the strings, however the characters show up as ă (instead of ă), â (instead of â), î (instead of î), È™ (instead of ș), and È›(instead of ț).

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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In the 1.1 release, it is re-encoded properly. If you're on a Windows box with the correct default code page, it will show correctly. If you're using a different code page (like English) it'll show without the proper accents.

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