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move from U3 Thunderbird to Portable Thunderbird

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move from U3 Thunderbird to Portable Thunderbird


I just installed PortableApps on my new USB and all is fine.
But I need move my email messages from old USB U3 Thunderbird
to PortableApps Thunderbird
I already set email accounts manualy, but how to move emails? Under Tools->import
I found only other email clients like Eudora, Outlook etc.


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Copy the profile

You need to copy your profile from the old U3 version into the new location

According to this thread your U3 version stores it's profile

F: is your U3 drive letter and System is a hidden folder.

and TBP stores it under \PortableApps\ThunderbirdPortable\Data\profile .

If you back up the current Data folder, then copy the old one into place, it should pick up your email automatically next time you start TBP up.

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Thank you Jimbo! All work

Thank you Jimbo!

All work perfectly now.

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It ALMOST Worked

I did as you described above and I got the Inbox. However, I had numerous subfolders that did not transfer nor did their contents. How can I get those e-mails?

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Long Long Dead

U3 is long long long dead at this point (as in YEARS). Coming from an extremely old, unofficial, unauthorized, completely unsupported version of Thunderbird, you're going to have some problems. Sandisk's later versions of Thunderbird for U3 were based on my earlier work, but aren't supported or authorized by or Mozilla and Sandisk completely abandoned it without providing any proper notice or upgrade path.

You could try an import or something similar. Other than that, you can't easily get things from that old a version of Thunderbird into a new one in one step. Did you try allowing the old U3 version to update to a more modern Thunderbird first (note that this is unsupported and could break it more, so back up first).

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web version of emails?

Does your U3 Thunderbird work at all? If you are missing folders or files, maybe go back to where your emails are actually from, your email server that you can access from a browser? If you can make new folders there that can be recognized from the ThunderbirdPortable, you can do a transfer of emails in U3 Thunderbird to Web then to ThunderbirdPortable.
That was was what I did when I was moving my friends Outlook emails to ThunderbirdPortable.

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