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ETA on new version?

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ETA on new version?

Getting so many apps running portable (on USB) I'd had to stop using the menu and just browse the folder structure to run them.

I'd love to see the features in the new version... any ETA?

Tim Clark
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Unfortunately the answer to

Unfortunately the answer to this, your second post, is pretty much the same as the answer to your first:

I know you are asking nicely but time frames are difficult around here.
Please be patient.

You could try one of the latest betas or mods if you you like.

Short of that, let's say 2 months Sad
If it takes that long you wont be disappointed Wink
If it's sooner, you'll be pleasantly surprised Smile

Seriously though, read this post, about seventh paragraph down:


Things have got to get better, they can't get worse, or can they?

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