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has other lenguages i need portugese?

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has other lenguages i need portugese?

has other lenguages i need portugese?

John T. Haller
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Not yet, though localization is in the works.

For now, you can copy a locally-installed copy of OO.o into Portable OO.o and it'll work fine. It'll just be about 70MB bigger.

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Some weeks ago I tried to

Some weeks ago I tried to copy a locally installed copy of OOo 2.0.2 (finnish version with finnish hyphenation) to Portable OOo. It worked just fine, but every time I started the Portable OOo it asked whether I would like to register or not. Is there an easy workaround for this?

Now I feel stupid if someone says that there is a button called "do not ask this again". I cant remember such button or if there was that kind of a button and I tried it then it didnt work...

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