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Audio-editing Software With Vocal Isolation

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Audio-editing Software With Vocal Isolation

I am searching for audio editing software that allows the user to separate "post-production" audio files into lyrics and instrumentals. I am unsure if there are legal repercussions to such software but i would like to know if any user knows of such a program, portable or not.

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we have

Audacity Portable.

Next time please search before posting it is very probably that you'll find your answer faster.

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Yes but...

How do you separate the vocals and instrumentals in audacity for files like .mp3, .aac, or .wma??

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If a bunch of tracks are all

If a bunch of tracks are all mixed together into two, the only way to get them apart again is to use various filtering and digital processing tricks. Those things aren't usually as much a matter of the audio program as the processing and filter plugins that are available to it.

A simple way that can be fairly effective is to filter out the frequencies used by the vocals -- or else filter out everything but the vocals. Not perfect, but then nothing you can do is likely to be really perfect.


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valid request, edit subject line

I agree with the google search "create Karaoke tracks" another user commented on.

Audacity would assist in multiple track creation if the user desired to split instruments and vocals into multiple tracks however as another user pointed out, the request is to create a file with audio (instruments and vocals data) from lyrics (text data). Audacity does not seem to support the addition of Lyrics data (cd+g) at this time however I am uncertain that the formats referred to can handle lyric information either. hmm, a google search turned up responses for mp3 with cd+g, so there are pieces of software that blend these. As requested, can anyone post a freeware one?

Good post however the post heading should probably be changed from Audio-editing to Karaoke Creation, Audio and Lyrics or even a combo of the two.

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You might not be pleased with results anyway, but

try googling for software to "create Karaoke tracks".

I've tried Audacity, and payware Magix Audio Cleaning Lab, and shareware demo Goldwave, and results are spotty at best. Too much depends on how the original track was mixed. In my case, I was trying to clean out voice-overs from a video's music track, and got about 90% clean, more than that and the music got way too warbly and muffled.

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Not entirely possible

Songs in .mp3 or other popular formats really can't have the individual recording tracks separated. Not really, anyway. By cutting out the middle frequencies, you can tune out the vocalist in some cases.

For games like "Rock Band" and "Guitar Hero: World Tour", Harmonix and Neversoft, respectively, cannot just take a CD and export the guitars, the drums, the vocals, and the bass tracks. They have to license the masters, and that's why some great classic rock isn't coming out. Stuff like Led Zeppelin, for example, as I understand it the reason Led Zep isn't in either game is because they can't get those masters.

I don't know a whole lot about it, but there's an underground movement to reverse compile the songs from the PlayStation 2 version of some of the games, in order to re-create them for other songs not officially supported. Last I heard they were working with Ogg Vorbis audio; some container file held a 30-second sample which would be played at the menu, and the song with just the vocals, just the drums, just the guitar, and just the bass. So if the song you want is on one of those games, maybe if you know who's working on it, you can get the .ogg files and mix all but the vocals, and it should be a perfect instrumental.

Also someone in Disturbed's crew released online their entire first album before the vocals were added. AFAIK it was legal - I got it from their official site.

Otherwise, e.g. with .mp3 files you have, it's not possible to simply take something out.

And as for the legalities, it's generally illegal to decompile or reverse engineer copyrighted works without permission. And that permission is far from free. We have 310 songs on Rock Band on the Xbox (yeah, I keep count) and most of them were $2 apiece. Well, that includes the ones on the discs, but we've paid more for the individual tracks than we've paid for both games (1 and 2) combined.

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