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Which Infrarecorder?

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Which Infrarecorder?

Hi. I was just wondering about the differences between InfraRecorder Portable (the version) and the Portable version done by the developer of InfraRecorder (available for download at

i.e. Which one should I use?

Patrick Patience
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If you use the Menu, ours is best to pick. It has an easy installer, easy data backup with the menu, same format as all of the other programs here, etc, etc. It's basicially just repackaged making it really easy and cleaning up some registry keys and such.

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I use

PStart not PortableApps Menu and I still recommend the paf version (the one on this forum) why? support... may be the original one also have support but I bet is not faster, confident and trustworthy... and here support is given by friends... Wink

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Well look here

I installed the .PAF version on WINXP HOME SP2, and when I tried to
"rip" a file from a cd into .wav and .mp3 I got an error
in short about "cdda2wav.exe" on 2 different computers, and in short, I checked the other
versions and noticed the file size of the "cdda2wav.exe" was
302KB but the .PAF version was 158KB, So I just simply replaced it
with the 302KB and low and behold problem solved.
might be the wrong way to fix this error, or whatever but it worked
and I couldn't find anything on this error here and the
MFG WEB SITE seems useless, including sourceforge forums, old and our dated no email links that work etc etc.
Pass this in some sort of support faq or whatever have you Smile

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Sounds like a possible UPX

Sounds like a possible UPX related problem.

Travis Carrico
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yeah, it would appear so. i

yeah, it would appear so. i just emailed john a link to this post. i guess we will have to do a Revision 4 Sad

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unless you actually use the PAM menu just use the original version (I use it and no problems here I also use imgburn (portable on its own) here.

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Travis Carrico
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no, the original "portable" version from the infrarecorder has big problems. the first time you run it, it sets the value for the path of it's temp directory such as C:\Documents and Settings\travis\Local Settings\Temp\InfraRecorder. when moving it to another pc it will still use that old path and create and leave a bunch of folders if there is no user named travis for example. It also leaves behind a log file in appdata and registry keys! Use InfraRecorder Portable from this site. I just posted a Pre-Release of Rev 4, fixing the problem that DADSGETNDOWN mentioned above.

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