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Profile Path

Is it possible to set up the user profiles outside of the program file directory structure? For example, the path to the program is:


I would like to set up a common area for my profile information on the same drive, but not under the program directory so that the data and settings wouldn't be inadvertantly erased in an upgrade or recovery. The path would be something like this:


Individual profiles could then be added below that directory as needed. So, is it possible to set up a relative path in the configuration file to correctly point to this directory? Perhaps something on the order of:

John T. Haller
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Try this...

Portableapps (Place PortableThunderbird.exe here)
\ Apps
..\ PortableThunderbird
....\ thunderbird
\ Data
..\ PortableThunderbird
....\ profile

Support for this directory structure is built into all the apps hosted here. It makes it easy to break up the apps and data and really easy to backup the important bits. The Portable Apps Suite is setup like this by default.

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Before I could get to it!

I was just looking around for the location of the profile directory to copy my Portable Thunderbird to my Local! (Reinstalled XP and needed my settings/mail).

You answered my question while I was looking for it! Thanks a lot for the help, and for the AWESOME programs, John!

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