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Can't send mail from Japan

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Can't send mail from Japan

I just returned from 10 days in Osaka. I tried repeatedly to send email out from the program but could not connect with the server. I tried all kinds of configurations. I downloaded the program directly to the laptop (vs. the thumbdrive). Same result. Finally, I went to a public PC at an internet cafe. Same result. Just got home in NJ. Popped the thumbdrive into my PC. Worked fine. Any ideas? I just heard that Japanese ISP's are blocking file sharing. Any connection?

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probably a restricted email port

Odds are the ISP in Japan that you were connecting to has restricted their outgoing email port to only allow their customers the ability to send.

A common workaround is to change the outgoing email port in Thunderbird (which can be found in tools -> accounts -> Outgoing server) to 587.

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