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VMware Player Portable

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VMware Player Portable

I been looking for VMware portable. I went to and it says is Open Source. Is this true? Is it possible to make it portable with the source. I'm testing Moka5 right now and it comes with a portable version of VMware Player. I assume then that it is possible. I personally rather not use Moka5 for virtualization. I prefer making the virtual machines on VMware then runing them from an external HDD drive with a portable version of VMware Player. Thank you all for your time.

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It does have OSS software, the only thing is, I have no clue which is propietary or OSS. Pardon

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I don`t think it`s Open

I don`t think it`s Open Source. Them just leech some Open Source from other projects for their proprietary product and them are forced to publish the source them are using.

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please do some research

We have gone over this before. There is no reason for a portable version of it. Plus, it is not open source. If you already have a vmware account then you may be able to make your own portable operating system but most of us use bartpe. I will answer anymore of your questions on vmware since my school has a license for it.

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