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Question/Feature Request about Xenon Portable File Manager

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Question/Feature Request about Xenon Portable File Manager

My apologize if this is the wrong forum but I couldn't find something like "not-supported-yet Apps forum"... Wink

I want to know if there is some kind of cmd to make Xenon open a folder, like, when I click (on PStart or any other menu that support shortcuts) my documents folder the link really points to something like i.e. "Xenon -documents", and then my Portable Documents folder opens automatically in Xenon and not using the default Windows Explorer.

I don't like to open Xenon first and then choose the folder, but do it automatically like when working with Windows Explorer.

Thanks in advance...

EDIT: And I don't post this on Xenon Development Test forum because it have more than one page and is impossible for me to locate new posts and to know who is answering what, in other words is a mess and I get lost very easy... just pressing "next"... Wink

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Xenon Thread

Like all development tests, this should be asked in the app's current dev test thread. In this case: Xenon File Manager Portable 1.5 Development Test 2. Please post your question there (I think it may be a feature request at this point). Smile

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