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Will automated update from 2.3.1 to 2.4 still be portable?

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Will automated update from 2.3.1 to 2.4 still be portable?

My portable copy of 2.3.1 is offering to update to 2.4. If I allow it to do so, will the installation still be portable? Or do I need to wait for a version to appear here?

Thunderbird and Firefox appear to be able to update without losing portability but I haven't tried it with anything else.

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I would probably wait....

I would probably wait until the official portable version is released.

There was a post from a couple months ago where somebody had tried the automatic update with an earlier version and it broke portablitiy (left files on hard drive, created registry entries, etc). the link is here if you want to look at it. Odds are if you try it with the current one the same thing will happen

There is a current beta that can be found here and it looks like it's probably going to be officially released early this week

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Notice that it wants you to download a regular installer, not a portable one. It'll install locally.

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My personal case...

I needed a spanish dictionary and i could not install it on portable version, so I decided to move some files[from Program files folder] to my drive and it worked properly as a portable app. I actually didn´t notice if there left something in other computers[like reg entries or something] but is working on every computer.
I think may probably work as an update.

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