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Update wrong - ohhh so wrong

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Update wrong - ohhh so wrong

I downloaded the "Standard" from
I launched "Writer Portable", clicked on Help, and was disappointed to find version 2.0.4 Copyright 2000-2006 - I thought I had been promised 2.3.1

I clicked on Help > Check for Updates and was given
OOo_2.3.1_Win32Intel_install_wJRE_en-US.exe 125,892,318
Incase it did not know where to find my portableapps, I moved it from my download folder to the root of the external drive H:\ in which the portableapps was already installed.

I double clicked. It seemed to know what it was doing. So very deceptive
It defaulted to change File Associations for me, but advised to cancel if I only wanted to evaluate - so I cancelled the check marks to avoid change.
It did not bother to confirm target destination - I thought that was a good sign.

Murphy's Law wins again.

This update to a portable application has
1. Changed over 6000 entries in my Registry;
2. Added 616 files to my Internal Drive C:\
3. Modified 3800 other files on C:\ - this includes the entire set of code previously validated and in use for NON-portable Open Office 2.2

Total Disaster, recognised because when installing anything I ALWAYS use RegShot to monitor what is being done.

Total Disaster, only mitigated by my habit of downloading what looks useful, BUT ONLY installing after I have made a disc image archive.

My Conclusions :-
1. Portable Open Office should NOT obtain NON-Portable updates;
2. NON-Portable Open Office should NOT pretend that it can be evaluated without commitment just by retain original File Associations - what good does that do if the entire previous code base is eliminated !!!!!!!


John T. Haller
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Portable vs Non

Sorry for your experience, Alan. What happened is that you downloaded a standard version of and installed it on your computer.'s update checker is built into and can not yet be updated to check for the portable version within Portable. The updater is nice as a pinger to let you know there is an update, but, you need to download Portable from to update Portable, not regular from

As we've had nearly 3 million downloads of Portable and this is the first time this has happened, we won't be removing the update reminder or posting any notices, but we'll keep an eye for other users who are new to portable software that have this issue and, if it occurs again, reconsider.

The portable version of Portable doesn't do anything with your file associations or anything else, so your second statement doesn't really apply. The second problem is really just a second affect of the first issue.

You can simply uninstall from your computer like uninstalling any other program.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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I accept that I am unique,

I accept that I am unique, the only person in 3,000,000 to have reported this problem.
I cherish the notion that the other 2,999,999 people are so pleased to avoid M.S. shackles they would not complain regardless of any problems !!!

Before I downloaded anything from your site, I visited various pages, including :-
This is frequently updated, the last time on 19th Devember 2007 (small typo to fix)
This has 3 buttons, the top one identifies the download as 2.3.1. Rv 2.
Below these buttons is a link to Suite, advising that OpenOffice is an integral part. I used this link, fully expecting 2.3.1. Rv 2, and was surprised to eventually find only 2.0.4.
It would be nice if you could insert above that link the advice that the Suite holds the old version, together with a suggestion to use the top button for the latest version BEFORE using the link to get the Suite.
I like the links to "Included Applications", and really like the fact that these links go direct to pages that are up to date, detailing the latest versions available for download.
It would have helped me, and may help future newbies, if there was a warning/advice to the effect that the Suite is NOT updated with every new release of any application, and that the "Included Applications" links should be used to update those applications which are of interest. This warning should be immediately and prominently adjacent to the Suite Download button, (because that I would have seen - first time around I never scrolled down far enough to even see that there was a section of links to "Included Applications".)

n.b. The first thing I did after installation was to run "Writer" and use Help > About, and seeing I only had 2.0.4 I reconnected to the Internet (the last thing I want is a M.S. "Patch Tuesday" type update when I am installing software) and I went up one centimetre to "Check for Updates", hence my problems. It never occurred to me to visit your "Included Applications" links, because as standard practice Firefox had been closed down along with everything else not in use, in accordance with instructions given by some installers in the past.

So far as un-install is concerned - a simple recovery of System Drive C:\ from a disc image archive not only corrected the "problems" I encountered, it also automatically cancelled out any undetected/potential damage by other NON-Portable software I have been trying out, and put my system back to exactly how I like it with NON-Portable OpenOffice 2.2.

I will now spend a while evaluating your Portable 2.3.1, and expect to soon commit to it, at which time I will as you suggest, un-install Non-Portable 2.2 like any other normal application.

My initial impression of Portable 2.3.1 is that I like it. It takes only half the time of Non-Portable 2.2 for it to launch and accept my control - It is so quick I can even remember what it was I wanted to do with it !!!


Ryan McCue
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In my opinion,

We should make the last updated time a larger part and have it at the top. I would have added it myself, bar the fact that it doesn't appear to be a regular node.

"If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate."

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you are not unique

I suffered the same problem.
In order to update my first try was klicking the "check for updates" entry in the menus.
I got then OO installed in my hd, while my OO portable was remaining unupdated.

I am extremely happy with the portable applications, but I, I guess like many other users, do not read in depth the site when installing.

For such people I would welcome the "updater" either pointing to the portable app either simply telling you the right way to do it.


J. Maicas

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