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Pidgin v2.4.1 keeps crashing

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Pidgin v2.4.1 keeps crashing

OK, so I tried the newest version after deleting my previous version of Pidgin portable.

1. Log in to my MSN account, Pidgin crashes with error on icm32.dll.
Tried restarting Pidgin, it starts up correctly.

2. Was chatting halfway with 3 people in my list, and I used Ctrl-Tab to toggle between the 3 chat windows. Pressed Ctrl-tab on one ocassion, and it crashed with an error on icm32.dll.

3. Had a friend who used a custom emoticon and it showed up correctly. I tried to right-click and save image, it led me to browse for a folder to save the file. When I clicked "SAVE", it crashed with an error on icm32.dll.

If anybody has any advice for this, I would greatly appreciate it. Pidgin crashed and does not log my conversations despite me having turned the option on. I know the crash didn't allow Pidgin to save to disk, unfortunately.

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I dont know as I only use Pidgin with IRC.

But I googled your problem and it seems that it is a GTK based problem. I found this and this.

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