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Zip Archive per file

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Zip Archive per file

Apologies if this has already been mentioned on the forums. I had a quick look but didn't find anything.

Is it possible or are there any plans to have the backup create one zip file for each file in a backup set?

I'm a little nervous about having all files go into one huge zip file because if the zip file corrupts then you're basically up a certain creek. To me, if this happens, it sort of defeats the purpose of having a backup in the first place.

I like the idea of having a compressed backup, which might be useful in reducing the amount of space required for multiple backups (depending on the type of backed up data of course), but I don't like the idea of putting all my eggs in one basket.

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I can't say I have seen a request like this before, in fact I would never have thought of it! It isn't currently in the to do list, but if I can think of a fairly easy way to implement it than you may well see it in a future version as it could certainly add some peace of mind Smile

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It may also be a good idea

It may also be a good idea to do this as a gz because those can only hold one file.

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