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i got two requests

1>Could anyone come up with a script for installing fonts using NSIS as simply copying fonts to $FONTS does not work

2>this one is for John/(and the MODS here) could we have a separate NSIS Help forum if it is feasible cause many people who are trying to write there own scripts for making there favorite applications portable need help atleast i do.


we could have a pinned topic for NSIS help and anyone who needs help can post there but i would prefer a separate forum.

a separate nsis forum would actually reduce clutter in the off topic forum.


Patrick Patience
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Portable App Development

That's exactly what the Portable App Development forum is for, and it's being used quite frequently now. Since almost everyone does there app in NSIS, there's no need for a new topic. Most people are making a portable app with NSIS, and not something else, so there's no need for a seperate forum.

Having a seperate NSIS forum would encourage other NSIS users with completely different questions not off topic related to come to and ask questions, creating very off-topic discussion and wasting bandwidth.

dbdii's questions look portable app related, and could have potentially gone in Portable App Development.

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Here, NSIS main page, and search (or look through the plugins / functions pages) -

For example -

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