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Torent app

i think it would be vary help full to have a torent app im all over the place all over the states and its all most in possible for me to down load any thing and it would be vary help full to have a torent so i can start at one place stop it and re start at another and have it save the file to my usbkey

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There's a development test

There's a development test release of Deluge Portable over here.

Also, in the future, please use this site's search feature, as often times a question has already been asked and answered. Thanks and welcome to

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there's also µTorrent which

there's also µTorrent which is already portable friendly. just install it onto the portable drive and that's it.

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Maybe we do need a Torrent

Maybe we do need a Torrent apps, with all these people requesting one, hehe.

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I Agree

I think we should get out Deluge sometime soon. (couple months)

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Well I've been using

I've been using Utorrent forever. I think it is portable. Just download the .zip file from the website.

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