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Does NSIS Support This?

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David Dixon II
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Does NSIS Support This?

I've look in the help file and online with no answers to my question.

can NSIS wait till certain keys are held down to continue executing? (ex: CTRL+E)

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To my knowledge NSIS does

To my knowledge NSIS does not have any sort of hotkey or keypress support. You'll want something like AutoIt or AutoHotKey. Unless someone has written a plugin for NSIS to handle this function...

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It's highly possible

I mean, we can rename titles, move windows, create Mutexes, set enviroment variables, etc. All we need is the system plugin.
Anyway, a current method of doing so is to make a temp shortcut with the hotkey, then terminate the program. Then the second program will be activated by the hotkey shortcut.
@Wraithdu or Haustin: any of you have the AHK code that handles hotkeys?

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