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Copying Certain Emails

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Copying Certain Emails


I have been using Thunderbird Portable for the last few months, now I've installed Thunderbird (not portable) onto my computer, I was wondering how I can geg certain emails from the Thunderbird Portable folder into the local Thunderbird folder.

I'd really appreciate it if anyone can help me out!

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for email folders ...

I've been able to copy just the individual folders in the respective "Local Folders" in each profile to the new one. And I've also copied the whole profile w/ settings et al. to the new site.
Note that you may want to rename local folders on both Thunderbirds, as if they have the same name, it will overwrite what you have if the file names are the same.

I also use TBP on my desktop (which is my backup copy of settings and where I put archived emails). I do that by having different filenames on my usb and my desktop versions (Emilie and _Emilie) and when I copy the whole usb profile (w/ Emilie) over to the desktop (_Emilie) and restart, I move all the Emilie emails into the _Emilie folder.

Did you want like a particular email to copy over? If that, then it'd probably be easier to upload it to your remote server, then log onto the new TB and download it to the new TB.

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two solutions

-if there are only some mails to copy sent them again to your adress and open the local thunderbird
- if there´s a big bunch, create a new folder named for example "copymail",both in Thunderbird portable and local, rightclick "copy into" all the selected emails into that folder in TBP.Close TB, open the TBP folder and go to data/profile..
there you´ll find two files named "copymail" (one is msf - the small one and a much biggerone with the mails)copy both to
the profile of local thunderbird(in general c:\documents and settings\yourusername\applicationdata\thunderbird\profiles\xyzabc.default\mail\localfolders\..)
,open local tb, that should work...
Note that applicationdata folder is hidden by default..

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