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Alias - a complete keepass-keeform-keeregister bundle

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Alias - a complete keepass-keeform-keeregister bundle

Hi, i only lookup these "Portable app" because i was looking for sth similar to "keepass" which is great but doesn't really do it for me!

I am not really worry about my passwords and use about the same everywhere(it is still faster then plug in a usb, copy then paste...blablabla)(don't take me wrong, kudos to all for the app i found here they do have a very good use for many.)

What I'm looking for is app similar to keepass and keeform (i can't find any yet) but that insted of focusing on password protection would focus on facilitate the registration to sites and forum....

Basically an app that could:

-offer a template that you fill with all the basic info you usually input in a registration form (i would go and fill my template form with as many potencial feild as posible)

-offer many alias templates

-protect the password as well

the idea is that when i get to a registration form i simply go in my app click the alias i want to register under copy all to clipboard then paste it, all at once in the form...simply verifing the data, input the missing feild(if there's any or selfgenerated code) and i m good to go, next time i login i would simple copy login to clipboard and get in, etc...

i am not the same person if regsiter with a bank or a forum so for me it would really help to have a list of alias to chose from when i register instead of inputting everything all the time!?

is that out there already? is there anybody interested in this? would it be dificult to do? (i just feel it could be the same frame that the one use by keepass...)

what do you guys think?

could also be called "APPLIAS"

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I would think Roboforms2go would be perfect for you :D.

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