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help me

I have installed port apps on my desk top. I wanted to delete it and my computor crashes.


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trying using eraser or

trying using eraser or another file wiper, or even command line
i don't know the command line codes to dot hat but someone here must

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why the hell would your computer crash after installing PApps and trying to un-install it?!?

are you sure it is the action of deleting just PApps and not just deleting anything?


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shouldn't cause your computer to crash. I'm using it on my system and I've added/deleted apps that I thought I wanted, but ended up not wanting and I haven't had any problems. Have you updated an App from it's original homepage, ex. FirefoxPortable from Mozilla? If so there is a problem doing that. Mozilla installs
files and registry settings, turning the portable version into a fully installed version. You may need to check the add/remove programs in the control panel to see if anything was installed. If not, it should delete without any problems.

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