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Another problem with extended screens.

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Another problem with extended screens.

Hi John

When setting my notebook (XP SP3) to extend my monitor, I get the following error when trying to change the screen resolution of the external/2nd monitor.

The same error also occurs when I open my notebook screen after it was closed. My notebook is set to do nothing when I close the screen/lid.

"Access violation at address 00455C1C in module 'PortableAppsMenu.exe'. Read of address 00000004"

I'm unsure, but I think I run all the mods there are/were. It went something like V1 + mod 29 + V1.0.x alpha/beta + mod 31 + V1.1 beta + café mod. I lost track... However, it works and gives me what I want, so I've been reluctant to try and optimise/re-install the platform.

Any ideas?


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Similar problem here

I have the same problem. When i extend my desktop, or when i put it back to one monitor, i get this message. It doesn't stop functioning though.

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