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VLC: Possible bug

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VLC: Possible bug

Not sure if this is a portable bug or with VLC itself, but it might be the portable, so here goes:

* I create a shortcut to VLCPortable.exe
* i add "-help" to the shortcut
* I click the shortcut
* A console window opens and tells me the help has been dumped to vlc-help.txt

So far that's fine.

However - given that I have set the option in VLCPortable/VLC to use English (instead of the machine default language) I would expect the vlc-help.txt to be in English as well - but it isn't - half of it is in English, and half of it is in the machines default language.

When I say half I mean that some of the explanations are in English and some aren't.

Since we know that VLC's default (annoying) behavior is to set the language to the default of machine, I thought that perhaps the portable launcher doesn't redirect the settings when it calls VLC to output the help file.