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An idea

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An idea

I have Opera@USB installed @ Menu. since the Opera@USB is not formatted the way format them, 2 exe file shows up @ the menu, which is kind of annoy. I wonder if there is a feature where you can hide an shortcut in the menu

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Can't Yet

This feature is requested quite a bit. I believe it's coming in the 1.5 beta release which will hopefully show up in testing within the nearish future. Currently the 1.1 release filters executables name uninstall.exe and things of those sorts, but that it.

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You can try …

…to delete that .exe-file which is not the program. Then you get rid of the extra shortcut, and the program may still work all right (or not).

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Use CafeMod

CafeMod allows you to hide menu entries and list programs that are not in the portableapps directory. You can then install all your other apps which does not adhere to the portableapps format in a neighbouring directory.

CafeMod however is not supported here and some of the features will probable be available in 1.5. However there is no due date for 1.5 so depends how much you are bugged by the extra menu items.

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CafeMod is now eXpresso and

CafeMod is now eXpresso and since I no longer have time to develop it, BrianAll has taken over development.

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Just use the R30 MOD

I know they don't like it around here if it gets mentioned, but as I've seen this promise now since last xmas (when I got my first U3 and was looking for alternatives) and the R30 mod having just about everything that I want (apart from offering a environment variable containing the drive letter), why wait?

although...on second thought. Just tried O9.5@USB

guess what it threw in my face???

cannot start application... msvcr71.dll not found...sheesh...

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What I'd like to see is a

What I'd like to see is a section for more restrictive application licenses which only hold the launcher along with the installation instructions, not the application itself.

This way, only the user is responsible of what the license is, as the software itself isn't on the servers.

I obviously support open-source softwares in overall, but there are still some nice, free, closed-source applications out there.

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