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Inbox file growing up

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Inbox file growing up


First thank you, yours apps changed mylife, I just have a probleme with thunderbird,
when I delete mail in the application, it's not realy done in the "inbox" file, it's the same for "sent", I realized that because, I deleted a lot of mail and the "inbox" files of each account was still as big as before, full of rubish, especialy the attached files comming from spams, with virus (not active, but anyway).

I have to remove them manually with a text editor, wath could be the probleme?

Thank you again for your contribution.

PS : -when the "Portable Apps" will be able to run linux.
-Do you think about a portable "aMSN" and portable "Flock".

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Compact Folders

Right-click and select compact folder. TB doesn't remove the email from the file until you compact.

All the apps run within WINE on Linux. As for having straight portable apps on Linux, there hasn't really been any developer interest since 98% of the computers you're likely to encounter will be Windows.

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