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Opera Portable

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Opera Portable

Hey there,

Maybe it's useful to add Opera Portable to the "U3" system. They've blocked on my school Firefox because of downloading but they don't know that there are many webbrowsers.

Greetz Chrisjuh

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José Pedro Arvela
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Sorry, but no can do

Hi chrisjuh15! Unfortunately, as said on our Unnoficial FAQ, it is not possible to us to make Opera Portable because it has not an OpenSource Compatible License (e.g.: GPL, LGPL, MIT, ...).

As Firefox is out of the way, I advice you to get Opera@USB, that is a portable version of Opera that WAS NOT MADE BY PORTABLEAPPS.COM, so it is unsupported in here. Opera@USB does have an U3 version on their download page, so you can use it on your U3 drive as requested.

Hope to have helped!

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Tim Clark
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Currently it seems to be at

Currently it seems to be at 9.27

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so look here ;), first download 9.27, then update with zip to 9.50

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