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Can't enter password to access program

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Can't enter password to access program

Just in the last couple of days, when I plug my USB drive and double-click the EXE file, the dialog box is only half there. The white box where I am supposed to enter my password does not appear and the OK and Cancel buttons are both white. I have also noticed that the Get Mail button at the top doesn't appear and the menu line (File, Edit... etc) is blank. Because the "About" is not there, I can't see what version I am running.
Something is seriously screwy and corrupt somewhere but I have no idea how it happened or why.
Due to other problems, I recently had to reinstall TB onto my USB drive and set everything else up again. That was about 3-4 weeks ago and things seem to have been running fine until now.
Any suggestions?

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when reinstalling ...

you didn't have to redo the settings, right? A reinstall should just go over the old files but still keep the same settings, unless the profile was completely kaput.

Well anyways, the situation that you've described sort seems like what happened to me when I didn't have a fast enough computer or if I was using too much of the computer resources, where it would take forever to load up or the css of the program got screwed up.

You can't put in your password, but can you still see emails in the Local Folders? Address book? Settings?

It sounds like you need to do another reinstall.

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